NeuroOccupational Therapy


Occupational Therapists specialising in Neurology are skilled with enhancing participation, promoting independence and restoring function as much as possible. We specialise in working with people who have had strokes, head injuries and progressive neurological conditions. We have special experience in working with people with prolonged disorders of consciousness.








Main areas of work to promote independence include:


  • Using a tablet , computer or phone
  • Washing and dressing
  • Time management
  • Meal planning
  • Shopping and cooking
  • Cleaning  household management
  • Planning journeys
  • Using public transport
  • Writing
  • Leisure activities
  • Vocational rehabilitation

10686934264_ffb758e2b1_kOur occupational therapist have several years of experience in  splinting and upper limb rehabilitation  therapy and   can fabricate tailor made hand splints  which can be either functional , dynamic or resting splints.  For upper limb rehabilitation programmes they work with specialists neurophysiotherapists to incorporate spasticity management regimes and electrical stimulation.









14113807502_06bac8cd7a_hThey also work closely with psychologists on addressing  issues  memory , problem solving attention and anxiety within the cognitive rehabilitation domain. Please contact us for more information and bespoke advice for your occupational therapy needs. Home or visits to Nursing homes can be arranged.



We are registered with all major insurance providers