Cloud Medical was formed by the collaboration of forward thinking Clinicians and Entrepreneurs who continuously strive for excellence  in their medical fields of practice and research. As such Cloud Medical provides a myriad of services from consultant-led rehabilitation programmes to medico-legal services.


The team consistently endeavours to deliver bespoke treatment plans to our patients using state of the art therapies which include innovative treatment modalities. From our office staff to Clinicians, we believe all patients should be treated with respect, compassion and dignity.


Cloud Medical seeks to enhance patient experiences and outcomes through the sharing of knowledge and best practices amongst the clinical Team in order to deliver the highest level of professional care whilst incorporating the use of ground-breaking technology.


Healthcare in our view should be easily accessible, cost effective and operationally efficient so that the best interests of our patients are considered at all times.


We offer comprehensive services to help you get back into life.  Our cutting edge therapies include medical and interventional treatments. From office staff to the clinicians, we treat patients with respect, compassion and expertise. Our goal is to bring you the best service  with the highest level of care imaginable. We believe that healthcare should be seamless and collaborative working with a number of professionals and organisations is the way forward to enhance patient experience and outcome. Healthcare in our view should be easily accessible, cost effective and operate without too many hurdles or geographical boundaries so the best interests of the service user are central at all times.



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We are registered with all major insurance providers